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Announcing Our New iOS App

Now you can find your perfect funday on your iPhone or iPad. Select your funday preferences, then swipe through the genie's recommendations. Select your main event for the day, and swipe through nearby attractions and events.

Take your iPhone with you on your funday, so the genie can guide you to your next destination

Download The Funday Genie for iOS for FREE from the iTunes App Store.


What is The Funday Genie?

Have a free day? Yay! Planning? Nay!

Whether you're a tourist, or just want to be a tourist for a day in your own city, whether you're a foodie or an art-lover, whether you want to see the highlight attractions or the hidden gems, whether you're with out-of-town visitors or simply with your kids - we've got the perfect funday for you!

Forget about going through websites, directories and listings to see what's going on this week. No more checking opening hours, addresses, public transportation. No more searching for information. Meet the Funday Genie!

Our Genie will find you all the relevant information, and create a smart personalized funday itinerary of cool stuff to do within seconds - including events, attractions, something to eat, local deals and more! And none of that generic stuff, this is all based on your preferences!

Take your funday on-the-go on your smartphone!

Share with friends, or invite them to join!

And stay tuned for more features (we're working on them RIGHT now!)

Everyday can be a Funday!

How does it work?

Tell our genie when your funday is (it can be for right now, or sometime in the near future), and what the general theme of the funday is (popular, off-the-beaten-path, or family & kids). Our Genie will immediately start showing you some great activity suggestions, and based on your selections will create a full funday plan.

Behind our Funday Genie is a best route and scheduling algorithm. It finds more activities for you, and then based on your preferences and a bunch of other external constraints like opening hours, travel distances, public transportation, weather forecast (coming real soon!), and more - it creates your funday!

So you never have to worry about seeing 'CLOSED TODAY', or missing out on a great exhibition. Leave it to The Funday Genie!